tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

"Hard Work, Hard Fiesta"

Hey you guys again!! 

Nora here again writing about things in BCN. I have been here one month now and gosh it has gone fast, a bit too fast, I think. I have been working a lot and learning
lot's of new things. It's easier now at work, when you start to notice that "Yes, I have improved!" This last week, I have been sending offers, confirmations, requests to our clients. Also been updating our hotel descriptions, actually just send yesterday and today about 200 e-mails to hotels in Barcelona.. I have to update our translations and photos in our database and it's not easy, fast thing to do. But it's a project for me and I love it. I also have been told that I might start to do Meet&Greet- services at BCN Airport. For me it sounds scary but funny:) I have always laughed to those people, who are standing at the airport with that sign "Welcome to..." haha.. First time, someone of course has to come there with me..Otherwise might be that those groups are at the wrong place..hehee. But seriosly, it's fun to try new things. I'm looking forward to it! 

Reetta at the roof of Las Arenas

We have been now 2 times watching football at local bars. So much fun! Peoplee go nuuuts.. We have been lucky, cos' there has been 2 El Classico- games in past weeks. Tomorrow is Valencia-Barca and we're defiently going somewhere to watch it. Go Barca!!

In our freetime, we have been partying a lot. But hey, it's Barcelona! We didn't came here to sleep. We have been meeting a great beautiful people here and having so much fun. We have been doing also some sightseeing. We walked on Sunday to Plaza de España and went the top of the Las Arenas to watch beautiful view. Las Arenas used to be Arena for bullfighting, so you can imagine that it's very interesting place. 

We also went to vote on last Thursday, like good Finns do. Finland's Embassy is just a few blocks away, so we did it fast. Also there was maybe two people on the line..hehee. Not a secret, who I was voting, GO Haavisto!!

Okey, I think this is it now. Let's see what this week brings up, hope everything interesting and lot's of FUN.. PS. Still loving our apartment and my beautiful roomies <3

Love, NORA

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