keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2012

Stupid girl from Nordic country

I have only 6 days left from my internship, because I’m having 2 days off this week. I still haven’t used my holiday days, except 2 of them when we we’re in Paris..
This week has been kind of annoying, all because I have been in such a pain all the time. We we’re at the beach on Saturday and I got so sunburned. Here is how the conversation went:
Me: I don’t need no lotions, I don’t ever get burned..
Friend: Nora, you’re legs are looking kind of red, maybe you should put some lotion.
Me: No no no, I know what I’m doing..
And the result: I’m so burned that I look like a lobster and my skin is peeling off and my legs are swollen. And the most embarrassing thing is that, I have big white circles in my face, cos’ of the sunglasses.. ://// So not good, but at least I finally learned something an’ next time I got to beach I put some kids sun lotion, so I defiantly will not get burned again !

Other than that, weekend was nice, we went to see ice hockey (Finland-Canada) to Flaherty’s Inn Irish Pub on Friday, but sadly Finland sucked. The place was full of Finns, which was weird after 5 months.
On Sunday, I went with Reetta’s Finnish friend Aino to Parc Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Sagrada Familia, little bit tourist sightseeing’s yet again.
I went yesterday to Palacio de Flamenco with my work mates to see Flamenco Show and to enjoy Sangria. The show was very good, the dancers and players really knew what they we’re doing. The show lasts 1 hour and groups can also enjoy meal before the actual show.
I’m going this weekend to work at the beach, my job is to promote one pub crawl to tourists. Heh let’s see how that goes..


torstai 10. toukokuuta 2012

Summer is here, finally !!

Past week has been pretty busy here. On Friday I had the busiest day ever, cos’ I felt I have to be in so many places at the same time. First I ran to get new football tickets, then I went to Sagrada Familia to pick up tickets and wait that this big student group comes there an’ I had to advise them to get in etc. then I had to went to this hotel which was one hour away from Barcelona centre and it took forever with all different transportation and after that I still went to Tryp Apolo to deliver tickets..Long long day, I must say...
But weekend was relaxing, partying (surprise surprise) on Friday night and yesterday I was at beach with one German girl. The weather was nice yes, but I still don’t get those tourists that are already in their bikinis and oh, we saw one 50-60 years old fat man running there naked (like Baywatch-style)..haha that was something I hope I wouldn’t have saw.
This week has been nice, today f.e. I went to one apartment to deliver F1-tickets to some Finnish people, because the race is in Circuit de Catalunya this weekend. So lot of people in BCN! They have promised +30 for this weekend, so I guess this is the first time we can actually go to the beach to take sun, FINALLY! Even though I’m always cold, so I guess I’m not able to even touch the water just yet..
Hasta luego !!

keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Buen Día del Trabajo !

I cannot believe that I have only little bit over 3 weeks left from my training. I have done now all my school work considering this training, so I should be ready to graduate.
Yesterday was VAPPU, here it is Día del Trabajo, so we had day off. We did what is tradition in Finland, and went to Parque de la Ciutadella to enjoy champagne and strawberries. My workmate Piia had also made traditional potato salad, which was so good. It was so nice weather also, so we could spend the whole day in park J
Last week I weren’t that lucky when it comes to picking up tickets. First on Thursday, I went to Sagrada Familia and tried to get tickets to one group coming up this week and couldn’t get them cos’ of some new rules. Then on Friday, I went to Camp Nou to pick up couple tickets to Barca-Malaga game, but the ticket office was already closed.. Aargh, well fortunately I got them on Monday and still had time to deliver those to client’s hotel cos’ the game is not until today.
Weekend was very fun, cos’ my friend from London, Miia, was here. On Saturday, we took funicular to Montjuic and went up to the Castle in Montjuic with teléferic. It was my first time in one those too, but I must admit that 6 euros for that short trip is just too much.. But of course all the things to tourists are expensive, no can do.. That’s why we also decided to walk down from the Montjuic. We also went to the beach, although the weather wasn’t that nice :/ On Saturday night, we had Girl’s tortilla night with Swedish, Finnish and British girls. Very much fun J
Ok, I guess this is everything for this week. Oh last week was also my last Spanish lesson, I really enjoyed those classes, even though sometimes it was very tiring after work.. But I liked my teacher Ana very much and I’m happy to got friends also from the class.  And of course the main thing is that I feel that I learned J
Vale, hasta la próxima semana !

keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

25/4 2012

Ok, now these last few weeks I try to be more active with this blog. Still, no photos but it’s only cos’ I cannot write this blog in our place..
I had my valuation conversation (or whatever the name is in English) with my supervisor last Friday and I couldn’t be happier how everything went. So so happy !! Now I just need to send those applications back to Finland and then I guess all my school work is done. During the conversation, I noticed how much I have learned here, an’ I’m defiantly so glad that I chose to come here to do this. Of course, it was also pleasant to get positive feedback J
I have been doing the same at work, answering to request, sending offers/confirmations, vouchers etc. I still have been doing menus and hotel descriptions, rooming lists etc. I also have been picking up tickets from Camp Nou and delivering them to different hotels. I like that. Last week, I also had to deliver 38 T10 metro tickets to one group, hehehe..

It has been scary how fast time has gone here. I feel like it goes twice as fast than in Finland. But we’re coming back here with Reetta after the graduation so I try not to worry about the time. Thank god, work wise everything looks kind of good ;) I hope at least.
Last weekend was fun, finally it’s warm here again J We went to watch Barca-Real Madrid on Saturday and of course was disappointed after Barca lost..byhyy..I think the guys are a bit exhausted of the season, but I hope they get their act together J My favorite, Pujol with his big hair (hehe), is gonna work it out, I’m sure ! Last night we went to watch Barca-Chelsea and Barca was so close to win...until the end of second half-time Barca was in lead 2-1 but then stupid Chelsea player scored and well results we all know 2-2….aargh.
This weekend our friend from London is coming here, it’s nice to see Miia!
Ok, I get back to work again


maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

Long time no see !

I have been so bad recently to write this blog.. Basically, just been too busy and our Internet is so slow and bad at our home so it has been hard to do this. Now I’m writing this in my work place, an’ of course don’t have any photos to put at this time but I try to put them at some point.

Everything is still great and I seriously have decided to come back here right after my graduation. Have to find a work place, of course and a new place for me an’ Retta cos’ Carlos, who lives in our flat, is due to come back from Madrid on June.
Lot of things has happened since I wrote this last time. We went to Paris in the beginning of March an’ had great time there. We also met there our beautiful great school mates Elina and Sani, lot of greetings to them J Lot of fun in Paris, saw all those typical tourist places Eiffel tower, Champs  Elysees, Notre Dame etc. But I must say I prefer BCN over Paris, sorry..
At work, it has been busy almost the whole time. But it’s great to do things nowadays, now that you know how to do them and can do all the time more an’ more to clients. I have been almost all the time in our office, but also couple times in a week I deliver/pick up tickets to hotels,  mostly from Camp Nou or other office duties..

One of the best things I have experienced here was, when my boss took me to Camp Nou on 3th of April to Barca-Milan Champions league game. It was a-m-aziiing!!! I was so excited and happy and thankful+ every positive adjective, I can imagine. And of course, Milan sucked and Barca was GREEEAT!! I really want to go to see a game again, only problem is that how expensive it is. I’m so looking forward this Sunday, when it’s El Classico !!!
I went to visit Casa Mila couple weeks ago with my boss and Piia, the great thing about that was that it was nightime visit, a tour which hadn’t opened yet to public. It was very good, I highly recommend!

I also have been now 6 weeks in my Spanish lessons, still 2 weeks left. It has been very very good for me an’ finally my vocabulary has grown and I see the improvement. First there was 8 people in the class, but almost everyone stoped after 4 weeks, now there is 2 persons with me..hehhee. Actually last week, I was the only student with our teacher Ana. But hey it’s good to have private class, better for me. The classes I go to are in Ole!Languages school, it is in Av Mistral, I highly recommend the place!

We have had lot of visitors in past weeks, it has been nice. Our schoolmate Elina came from Paris to weekend and Reetta’s folks came to spend Easter here. My mum and her husband left today, they came on Friday. It was so great to see Mum after 4 months J We tooked the tourist bus so they could see the whole BCN and went to aquarium etc.. Lot of fun with them!

Ok, now I need to get back to work.. Hasta luegoooo J
Saludos y besitos !!!!

tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2012



My brains are not working right now to make some good headers, so this is what you get. So new week again and back to business.. Still very busy at our office, new offer requests are coming from I'm sending requests, offers, confirmations, invoices etc. as hard as I can. Everybody is very busy right now, cos' upcoming months are the most popular times to visit this great city..So a little bit hard to get any hotel rooms to groups from anywhere at this point..But everyone is doing their best. 

Weekend was lot's of fun again. On Friday, we just had a quiet Mexican night with Reetta. It was great, cos' we both we're pretty exhausted after the work week. We had tortillas, nachos, salsa and Coronas (of course). On Saturday, I did little bit shopping in the morning, then we went jogging to Barceloneta. It was soooo nice, cos' sun was shining and people we're already hanging by the beach. Oh God, I cannot wait that March,April comes so we can go to beach...yeii. Then we went to eat some tapas and waited to see Carneval parade in Paral-lel, but it was pretty lame..nothing special there, so we just decided to have our own Carneval and started to dress up for the night. We had bought masks and muffs and put glitter everywhere..hehheh and then we went to Barceloneta again do some clubbing..
On Sunday we we're supposed to go to Sitges but ermmm..After partying untill 7am on Sunday morning, we we're little bit tired and the weather wasn't nice either, so we skipped that. I think it's going to be prettier to go there when it's sunnier. 

So World Mobile Congress in on next Monday. It will take place at Fira Montjuic, and I'm sure here's gonna be so much people by then. Where I work, I think everybody kind of hopes this whole congress is already gone, cos' it has been such a hustle cos' of that. 
Oh yeah and finally I got confirmation, that my Spanish lessons are starting on 5th of March. I was waiting them to start yesterday, but I guess there wasn't enough people attending or something. But it's gonna be good, I really wanna learn.

I always feel like, I don't remember tell anything in this blog that I was going to. Maybe I shouldn't always write this when I'm tired..Ok, anyways, maybe next time will be better :)



keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

6 weeks in Barcelona!

Wuhuu, 6 weeks now in Barcelona! Times is going still too fast.. I would like that time would just stop and I could stay in this place for the rest of my life. I'm so happy cos' sun is shining and they're promising that it's gonna be sunny weekend, yes! Barcelona Carnival is starting tomorrow and it's gonna last until 22th of Feb, Wuhuu it's fiesta time! So here is lot of going on now and we're gonna of course enjoy it as much as we can. On Sunday, me and Reetta are going to Sitges to see how is carnival there :)

In our office is still pretty busy times and everybody's working as much as they can. Thank God, I also got better from that flu last week! I have being almost all the time at our office, except today I went to CCIB , which is Barcelona's international Convention Center in Diagonal Mar. I went there to get Congress material to one Finnish group and then took it to their hotel. The Congress that is there is called ECCO and it's about Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and it's gonna start tomorrow. It has also been very busy at work cos' Mobile World Congress 2012 is on 27th Feb and there is lot's of people going there!

We decided with Reetta to book a flights to Paris on 8th of March! Reetta has that whole week vacation, but I have only thursday and friday off so I'm going to have rest 3 days at some other point. But we are so excited to go Paris, neither of us has never been there and one our friend, Elina, is doing her internship there so it's so much fun to see her. I think we're gonna stay in hostel there and it helps that our roomie is from Paris, so he's telling us which we should go or not to go:) 

Ok, but I'm starting to end here..I hope weekend comes fast and CAAARNNIIIIVAL, hehee. We have to get some costumes, to Sitges at least..

Oh ps. yesterday was Valentine's Day so Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! and ppps. I got the sweetest present from my friend, gracias guapa <3

keskiviikko 8. helmikuuta 2012

Still going strong..


Hellou, I'm actually writing this post from my bed cos' I have this stupid flu that has been lasting since Saturday. I went to work yesterday and noticed that it maybe wasn't the best idea..But I'll hope I'll be ready to go again tomorrow. I'm sick of this coughing, nose running...aargh
I think I got cold last week, when it was raining, and stupid me wanted to go 
shopping to Maremagnum even tough I was wet as h***.. Thank god, this week, the sun is shining again and it's looking like the weather is getting warmer again. Jeiii:) 

I have been loving to work last weeks, even tough it's kind a busy right now
at the office, especially when one girl is having her holiday. It of course
affects cos' we're such a small agency. Last week I have been doing again confirmations, offers to our suppliers..TourPlan is fun!
Last Thursday I went to Sagrada Familia to get tickets for this one Swedish group coming up and it didn't went like we'd planned. Our office had got the wrong info from Sagrada Familia and that group has to go to get tickets at the same day they'll arrive. So no can do there.. 
On Friday I went to Camp Nou to get 40 tickets to this Norwegian group, who we're suppose to come here on that afternoon, and took the tickets to their hotel in Gracia..Well, from my part, everything went ok, but cos' of some huge snowstorm in Amsterdam, this group got stucked there and never came to BCN. Byhyy :(

Weekend was also very successful even tough I started to have my flu. On Friday evening me and Reetta went to eat out to this Japanese Restaurant at Paral-lel. Oh and it was so gooood. We ate 6 courses menu there, including vegetable rolls, sushi, soup, salad etc. and great White wine (I don't usually even drink wine but this was perfecto).We have to go there again! Oh and for dessert Baileys with ice..Yummyy. We have been eating lot's of tapas here, so this was good change for us, also.
Later on, we went to Raval for a while and of course, Latin bar.. What would Fridays be, if we'd skip that..hahaaa
On Saturday, we cooked traditional Finnish meal to our french roomie Hugo. Actually, I hadn't even tasted it before but I don't know so much cooking either..haha. But Reetta had this great idea to do casserole, where's potatoes, beef and cheese and then we made nice salad with that. It was very good and Hugo liked it too..Now we're waiting when he's gonna make french food for us..hihhii. On Saturday night we went to Barceloneta to Opium Mar, very nice club there. We had a blast and met some great beautiful people:) 
On Sunday we we're nervous to know, who's gonna be Finland's next president and well yeah, not who I voted, but what can you do.. 

Today is Barca-Valencia match coming up again, I wish I would have the energy to go watch it. Hope so! 
But this is it now, besitos to everyone and have fuuuun <3

Best regards, 

tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

"Hard Work, Hard Fiesta"

Hey you guys again!! 

Nora here again writing about things in BCN. I have been here one month now and gosh it has gone fast, a bit too fast, I think. I have been working a lot and learning
lot's of new things. It's easier now at work, when you start to notice that "Yes, I have improved!" This last week, I have been sending offers, confirmations, requests to our clients. Also been updating our hotel descriptions, actually just send yesterday and today about 200 e-mails to hotels in Barcelona.. I have to update our translations and photos in our database and it's not easy, fast thing to do. But it's a project for me and I love it. I also have been told that I might start to do Meet&Greet- services at BCN Airport. For me it sounds scary but funny:) I have always laughed to those people, who are standing at the airport with that sign "Welcome to..." haha.. First time, someone of course has to come there with me..Otherwise might be that those groups are at the wrong place..hehee. But seriosly, it's fun to try new things. I'm looking forward to it! 

Reetta at the roof of Las Arenas

We have been now 2 times watching football at local bars. So much fun! Peoplee go nuuuts.. We have been lucky, cos' there has been 2 El Classico- games in past weeks. Tomorrow is Valencia-Barca and we're defiently going somewhere to watch it. Go Barca!!

In our freetime, we have been partying a lot. But hey, it's Barcelona! We didn't came here to sleep. We have been meeting a great beautiful people here and having so much fun. We have been doing also some sightseeing. We walked on Sunday to Plaza de España and went the top of the Las Arenas to watch beautiful view. Las Arenas used to be Arena for bullfighting, so you can imagine that it's very interesting place. 

We also went to vote on last Thursday, like good Finns do. Finland's Embassy is just a few blocks away, so we did it fast. Also there was maybe two people on the line..hehee. Not a secret, who I was voting, GO Haavisto!!

Okey, I think this is it now. Let's see what this week brings up, hope everything interesting and lot's of FUN.. PS. Still loving our apartment and my beautiful roomies <3

Love, NORA

tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

Loving Barcelona !!

Hola Hola!!

So this is my blog about me living in Barcelona for the next 5 months. I'm studying tourism in Helmi liiketalousopisto and I came here to do my internship here. First I thought I'm going to start to write this blog in Finnish but then I thought I want to improve my English writing skills and decided to change the language :) 

I have been in BCN about three weeks now and just been loving every minute of it. I'm working here in this Incoming-agency called Scancoming Barcelona. I started there two weeks ago. Scancoming is a unique trade partner for groups and individuals travelling for leisure, business or special interest. Their main strengths are in local knowledge and extensive experience, coupled with efficient personal service. There's 7 Scancoming office's in Europe and two of them are in Spain, in Barcelona and Malaga. 

So Barcelona's office is the one I work in. In our office, there's 4 people working with me, two of them are from Finland and two are from Sweden. The main languages that we use in our office are Swedish, Finnish, English and Spanish. I have been loving my job by far. I have been doing all kinds of office duties, f.e. preparing hotel descriptions and restaurant menus, reservations and offers for hotels and clients, transportation, activities.. I contact by e-mail and phone with our customers (travel agents and suppliers) and use our TourPlan. The actual work is very different that I have been doing before. I have been working 4 and ½ years in a store, where I'm used to stand all the time and talk face-to-face with our customers. So it's quite difference now to sit on your computer all day long and not see your actual customers. 
But like I said, I'm loving it and it's so great to see that I'm improving every day:)

I'm living here with my Finnish friend Reetta. She came to Torrevieja Spain before me to spend her New Year here so we met in Barcelona. I had a little bit of bad luck with my flight when I came here. It was very bad snow storm in Helsinki, so my flight was delayed for many hours..But anyways, I got here! We stayed first two nights in hostel next to La Rambla, cos' we didn't had apartment yet. Well, we actually had one in Badalona but we wanted to move into city center. We went to see couple of places and finally found our own one and it's just perfection. Our place is so big and it's 5 minutes walk from La Rambla, next to Paral-lel and in everyway it just feels like home. We have 3 rooms here and just yesterday got our new roomie, this French guy Hugo. We have already met wonderful people here and I'm just loving the fact, that everybody is so friendly, happy and funny! 

We have already being doing a lot's of things here. Actually, my first day in work was that I got a chance to take this BCNTouristBus and went around BCN with it, haha:) It was fun, even though it would have been nicer to do it with someone else. I went to f.e. Park Guell, Camp Nou, Eixample.. We also went to Sagrada Familia with Reetta in our first week. It's so beautiful and I'm wondering if it will ever be ready (even they say it will).. We also live very close to the beach, so we have been in Barceloneta and Port Vell pretty many times and it's so so beautiful there.. All I can say, I knew this city is gonna be great but it's even better I ever wished. Every day I'm just so happy that I'm here. It's also great that we can walk to our work places every day. Scancoming is next to Placa Catalunya, where you can find great cafeterias and shops etc. I also love shopping and I think I have already being shopping too much..haha. I have to say to my friends and family, who comes to visit me that takes empty suitcases and brings my stuff back to Finland. Haha, good luck with them.. 

I'm very excited that we're going to Spanish lessons in February. I have only went to this one Spanish course and it was in last spring and it was so short.. I tried to learn some basic things before I came here and it has helped so much that Reetta speaks Spanish. Otherwise, we wouldn't even got our apartment, cos' this woman who rented this to us didn't speak English at all. It's the same thing in very many places, f.e. post offices, banks.. So I really want to learn. But of course I'm learning more an' more every day by listening and trying to speak little things. I'll think I get there:) 

Ok, but I think this is everything now!
I try to write this blog as often I can.. Adios :)

Saludos, Nora