torstai 10. toukokuuta 2012

Summer is here, finally !!

Past week has been pretty busy here. On Friday I had the busiest day ever, cos’ I felt I have to be in so many places at the same time. First I ran to get new football tickets, then I went to Sagrada Familia to pick up tickets and wait that this big student group comes there an’ I had to advise them to get in etc. then I had to went to this hotel which was one hour away from Barcelona centre and it took forever with all different transportation and after that I still went to Tryp Apolo to deliver tickets..Long long day, I must say...
But weekend was relaxing, partying (surprise surprise) on Friday night and yesterday I was at beach with one German girl. The weather was nice yes, but I still don’t get those tourists that are already in their bikinis and oh, we saw one 50-60 years old fat man running there naked (like Baywatch-style)..haha that was something I hope I wouldn’t have saw.
This week has been nice, today f.e. I went to one apartment to deliver F1-tickets to some Finnish people, because the race is in Circuit de Catalunya this weekend. So lot of people in BCN! They have promised +30 for this weekend, so I guess this is the first time we can actually go to the beach to take sun, FINALLY! Even though I’m always cold, so I guess I’m not able to even touch the water just yet..
Hasta luego !!

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