keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Buen Día del Trabajo !

I cannot believe that I have only little bit over 3 weeks left from my training. I have done now all my school work considering this training, so I should be ready to graduate.
Yesterday was VAPPU, here it is Día del Trabajo, so we had day off. We did what is tradition in Finland, and went to Parque de la Ciutadella to enjoy champagne and strawberries. My workmate Piia had also made traditional potato salad, which was so good. It was so nice weather also, so we could spend the whole day in park J
Last week I weren’t that lucky when it comes to picking up tickets. First on Thursday, I went to Sagrada Familia and tried to get tickets to one group coming up this week and couldn’t get them cos’ of some new rules. Then on Friday, I went to Camp Nou to pick up couple tickets to Barca-Malaga game, but the ticket office was already closed.. Aargh, well fortunately I got them on Monday and still had time to deliver those to client’s hotel cos’ the game is not until today.
Weekend was very fun, cos’ my friend from London, Miia, was here. On Saturday, we took funicular to Montjuic and went up to the Castle in Montjuic with teléferic. It was my first time in one those too, but I must admit that 6 euros for that short trip is just too much.. But of course all the things to tourists are expensive, no can do.. That’s why we also decided to walk down from the Montjuic. We also went to the beach, although the weather wasn’t that nice :/ On Saturday night, we had Girl’s tortilla night with Swedish, Finnish and British girls. Very much fun J
Ok, I guess this is everything for this week. Oh last week was also my last Spanish lesson, I really enjoyed those classes, even though sometimes it was very tiring after work.. But I liked my teacher Ana very much and I’m happy to got friends also from the class.  And of course the main thing is that I feel that I learned J
Vale, hasta la próxima semana !

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