keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

6 weeks in Barcelona!

Wuhuu, 6 weeks now in Barcelona! Times is going still too fast.. I would like that time would just stop and I could stay in this place for the rest of my life. I'm so happy cos' sun is shining and they're promising that it's gonna be sunny weekend, yes! Barcelona Carnival is starting tomorrow and it's gonna last until 22th of Feb, Wuhuu it's fiesta time! So here is lot of going on now and we're gonna of course enjoy it as much as we can. On Sunday, me and Reetta are going to Sitges to see how is carnival there :)

In our office is still pretty busy times and everybody's working as much as they can. Thank God, I also got better from that flu last week! I have being almost all the time at our office, except today I went to CCIB , which is Barcelona's international Convention Center in Diagonal Mar. I went there to get Congress material to one Finnish group and then took it to their hotel. The Congress that is there is called ECCO and it's about Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and it's gonna start tomorrow. It has also been very busy at work cos' Mobile World Congress 2012 is on 27th Feb and there is lot's of people going there!

We decided with Reetta to book a flights to Paris on 8th of March! Reetta has that whole week vacation, but I have only thursday and friday off so I'm going to have rest 3 days at some other point. But we are so excited to go Paris, neither of us has never been there and one our friend, Elina, is doing her internship there so it's so much fun to see her. I think we're gonna stay in hostel there and it helps that our roomie is from Paris, so he's telling us which we should go or not to go:) 

Ok, but I'm starting to end here..I hope weekend comes fast and CAAARNNIIIIVAL, hehee. We have to get some costumes, to Sitges at least..

Oh ps. yesterday was Valentine's Day so Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! and ppps. I got the sweetest present from my friend, gracias guapa <3

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