tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2012



My brains are not working right now to make some good headers, so this is what you get. So new week again and back to business.. Still very busy at our office, new offer requests are coming from everywhere..so I'm sending requests, offers, confirmations, invoices etc. as hard as I can. Everybody is very busy right now, cos' upcoming months are the most popular times to visit this great city..So a little bit hard to get any hotel rooms to groups from anywhere at this point..But everyone is doing their best. 

Weekend was lot's of fun again. On Friday, we just had a quiet Mexican night with Reetta. It was great, cos' we both we're pretty exhausted after the work week. We had tortillas, nachos, salsa and Coronas (of course). On Saturday, I did little bit shopping in the morning, then we went jogging to Barceloneta. It was soooo nice, cos' sun was shining and people we're already hanging by the beach. Oh God, I cannot wait that March,April comes so we can go to beach...yeii. Then we went to eat some tapas and waited to see Carneval parade in Paral-lel, but it was pretty lame..nothing special there, so we just decided to have our own Carneval and started to dress up for the night. We had bought masks and muffs and put glitter everywhere..hehheh and then we went to Barceloneta again do some clubbing..
On Sunday we we're supposed to go to Sitges but ermmm..After partying untill 7am on Sunday morning, we we're little bit tired and the weather wasn't nice either, so we skipped that. I think it's going to be prettier to go there when it's sunnier. 

So World Mobile Congress in on next Monday. It will take place at Fira Montjuic, and I'm sure here's gonna be so much people by then. Where I work, I think everybody kind of hopes this whole congress is already gone, cos' it has been such a hustle cos' of that. 
Oh yeah and finally I got confirmation, that my Spanish lessons are starting on 5th of March. I was waiting them to start yesterday, but I guess there wasn't enough people attending or something. But it's gonna be good, I really wanna learn.

I always feel like, I don't remember tell anything in this blog that I was going to. Maybe I shouldn't always write this when I'm tired..Ok, anyways, maybe next time will be better :)



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