keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

25/4 2012

Ok, now these last few weeks I try to be more active with this blog. Still, no photos but it’s only cos’ I cannot write this blog in our place..
I had my valuation conversation (or whatever the name is in English) with my supervisor last Friday and I couldn’t be happier how everything went. So so happy !! Now I just need to send those applications back to Finland and then I guess all my school work is done. During the conversation, I noticed how much I have learned here, an’ I’m defiantly so glad that I chose to come here to do this. Of course, it was also pleasant to get positive feedback J
I have been doing the same at work, answering to request, sending offers/confirmations, vouchers etc. I still have been doing menus and hotel descriptions, rooming lists etc. I also have been picking up tickets from Camp Nou and delivering them to different hotels. I like that. Last week, I also had to deliver 38 T10 metro tickets to one group, hehehe..

It has been scary how fast time has gone here. I feel like it goes twice as fast than in Finland. But we’re coming back here with Reetta after the graduation so I try not to worry about the time. Thank god, work wise everything looks kind of good ;) I hope at least.
Last weekend was fun, finally it’s warm here again J We went to watch Barca-Real Madrid on Saturday and of course was disappointed after Barca lost..byhyy..I think the guys are a bit exhausted of the season, but I hope they get their act together J My favorite, Pujol with his big hair (hehe), is gonna work it out, I’m sure ! Last night we went to watch Barca-Chelsea and Barca was so close to win...until the end of second half-time Barca was in lead 2-1 but then stupid Chelsea player scored and well results we all know 2-2….aargh.
This weekend our friend from London is coming here, it’s nice to see Miia!
Ok, I get back to work again


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