maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

Long time no see !

I have been so bad recently to write this blog.. Basically, just been too busy and our Internet is so slow and bad at our home so it has been hard to do this. Now I’m writing this in my work place, an’ of course don’t have any photos to put at this time but I try to put them at some point.

Everything is still great and I seriously have decided to come back here right after my graduation. Have to find a work place, of course and a new place for me an’ Retta cos’ Carlos, who lives in our flat, is due to come back from Madrid on June.
Lot of things has happened since I wrote this last time. We went to Paris in the beginning of March an’ had great time there. We also met there our beautiful great school mates Elina and Sani, lot of greetings to them J Lot of fun in Paris, saw all those typical tourist places Eiffel tower, Champs  Elysees, Notre Dame etc. But I must say I prefer BCN over Paris, sorry..
At work, it has been busy almost the whole time. But it’s great to do things nowadays, now that you know how to do them and can do all the time more an’ more to clients. I have been almost all the time in our office, but also couple times in a week I deliver/pick up tickets to hotels,  mostly from Camp Nou or other office duties..

One of the best things I have experienced here was, when my boss took me to Camp Nou on 3th of April to Barca-Milan Champions league game. It was a-m-aziiing!!! I was so excited and happy and thankful+ every positive adjective, I can imagine. And of course, Milan sucked and Barca was GREEEAT!! I really want to go to see a game again, only problem is that how expensive it is. I’m so looking forward this Sunday, when it’s El Classico !!!
I went to visit Casa Mila couple weeks ago with my boss and Piia, the great thing about that was that it was nightime visit, a tour which hadn’t opened yet to public. It was very good, I highly recommend!

I also have been now 6 weeks in my Spanish lessons, still 2 weeks left. It has been very very good for me an’ finally my vocabulary has grown and I see the improvement. First there was 8 people in the class, but almost everyone stoped after 4 weeks, now there is 2 persons with me..hehhee. Actually last week, I was the only student with our teacher Ana. But hey it’s good to have private class, better for me. The classes I go to are in Ole!Languages school, it is in Av Mistral, I highly recommend the place!

We have had lot of visitors in past weeks, it has been nice. Our schoolmate Elina came from Paris to weekend and Reetta’s folks came to spend Easter here. My mum and her husband left today, they came on Friday. It was so great to see Mum after 4 months J We tooked the tourist bus so they could see the whole BCN and went to aquarium etc.. Lot of fun with them!

Ok, now I need to get back to work.. Hasta luegoooo J
Saludos y besitos !!!!

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